Published On: Mon, Oct 14th, 2013

Fight against religious hate preachers will continue:Samina Khan



To stop the already widely known in the Pakistani congregation campaign against the sectarian activities of the Ahmadiyya community,by means of Islamic religious instruction at German schools, Samina Khan, the constituency assistant to Barbara Cardenas member of the Hessian State Parliament for the Left Party was. is dismissed.

Samina Khan herself District councilor in the Offenbach district and has a term of three years ago. Barbara Cardenas, who has his constituency in the district of Offenbach, has for a long time supporter of the Ahmadiyya community. The former administrative judge Horstschäfer is an ardent follower of the Ahmadiyya community,recently he has filed a civil action against a fellow and member of the Chingaree forum.

Barbara Cardenas is a close confidante of Horstschäfer. Through the joint action of the Ahmadiyya officials and these two people

Samina Khan was dismissed because of the campaign against the growing influence of religious sects in Germany and Europe. Samina Khan was 6 years constituency assistant and went about their work conscientiously.

This one-sided partisanship shows the growing nervousness of the followers of religious sects.

Without a doubt, this is an act of revenge for the fight for justice and against the dissemination of state-funded religious hatred is ended. This makes possible that this dangerous sectarian thinking can continue to poison the minds of children in German schools.

The social consensus to be brought into doubt and hawked by infiltration into the Middle Ages,which is contrary to the thinking of the 21st Century

Samina Khan explained to her release: “We make such a vile and corrupt attacks from nothing. Such practices have always been components of civil rights movements.I just wonder about the timing, because I’ve expected much earlier. That it has taken so long but then,I was very surprised. Nevertheless, rather late than never, because now I can without fear and with more courage to fight against injustice. I can now more widely for the interests of the Pakistani labour movement me.I am of the opinion that the dignity and freedom of man, overcoming classes and social progress can only be made through the eradication of a slave mentality.”

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