Published On: Sun, Nov 20th, 2016

Khatm-e-Nubuwwat Cometti rejected the decision to hand over educational institutes back to Qadiani missionaries

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LAHORE: Muttahida Tehrik Khatm-e-Nabuwwat Rabita Committee (MTKNRC), a platform of over a dozen Islamist parties working to counter the moves to amend anti-Qadiyaniat laws and blasphemy laws, has rejected the decision of education ministry to de-nationalize six educational institutions and hand them over back to Qadiyani missionaries.
The MTKNRC convener, Abdul Latif Khalid Cheema, has warned of a tough countrywide resistance to the decision and taking necessary legal action against it. He cautioned the government that the mischievous decision to return six educational institutions nationalized 45 years ago was an attempt to patronize the apostasy of Qadiyanis and their anti-state activities, besides promoting a direct clash between Muslims and Qadiyanis. He alleged that the step was a conspiracy to turn Chenab Nagar back into a Qadiyani state, Rabwa, which the Muslims would never tolerate.
He said majority of Muslim students is studying in these educational institutions which could either be expelled or be in a direct clash with the Qadiyani missionary administration. He said it was unimaginable to return these institutions back to Qadiyanis since the government had spent billions of rupees on developing and running them since their nationalization in 1972.
He warned that if the decision was not immediately withdrawn, the MTKNRC would call a consultative meeting to chalk out the protest strategy.

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- I just want to talk and discuss about Islam and other non Islamic organisations like Ahmadis/Qadianis who portrayed them in a guise of Muslims to deceive and betray all human society as its a well known fact their forefather who claimed to be their prophet was planted by British in subcontinent to uproot soul of JIHAD From Muslims . Jews are Jews , Christians are Christian ,Hindus are Hindus so should be Qadianis (Non Muslims) My aim is to discuss Islam with any Muslim or Non Muslim who want to talk and want to know the reality of Islam. that's it ! Let Me welcome all of you interested with good faith .

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